Welcome back fellow sweetness!

Gladly respond to a request made ​​by Anna Laura Lucca me inquires about the possible fillings of Sponge Cake. This is’ an important topic which deserves to pay attention. We must start from an important prerequisite: the cakes covered with sugar paste is NOT kept in the refrigerator, except for special cases. Not being able to keep the cakes in the fridge, it becomes crucial to know how long I have to work on my cake.

If I have to assemble a complex cake that takes a couple of days or three to be completed I will have to opt for fillings that do not require the refrigerator, such as jam, chocolate ganache, hazelnut cream. I can also use custard, whipped cream, cream and mascarpone, but in this case the cake will be prepared close to the event. It ‘important to remember that if the design of our cake and’ particularly ambitious or complicated we have to be careful not to saturate our cakes not to put them at risk of implosion in the case of creams and make sure they are not too liquid.

Good week to all! We find ourselves here in a week. You can email me, I will be happy to answer your questions. Federica Spagnoli

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